Poinsettia Tag

We had an ornament that was ready for a new home and I knew exactly who should have it. As I was packing it into just-the-right-sized shipping box, I realized that the package needed a little more of a gift-like presentation, so dug through my dies and xmas papers to make this tag which fit just right at the top of the box.


The black and white coloring of the main body and the musical notes of the letters refer to the ornament.


That’s lovely. The dots on the leaves are my favourite little detail. Sweet!

Thank you! That swiss dot embossed cardstock is so handy for giving just a little sumpin-sumpin to a project. I was glad I had that dark green in my stash!

The paper you used for the lettering is also interesting. Great tag!

I am sure it added a bunch of cheer. It’s the little touches that make us all feel appreciated.

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Thank you, pals!

cute tag!
I love the imperative of the “you”. Like, I’m talkin’ to youse! Be of good cheer or else!

Thanks! And that phrasing stuck out to me, too. Like a threat vs. a well-wish.

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Such a pretty professional-looking but personal tag. I love the textures and colors.

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These little touches you add to your gifts always elevate them to the next level!

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Awww, thanks y’all!