Pokemon Hoodie

HI all this is my first Post here.

I made this Aerodactyl Jacket for my step daughter for Halloween last year.
I made it from fleece so it was warm and super soft. She still wears it as her light coat option often.
I did end up attaching the hood with snaps and added a tail.


Welcome! This is an amazing first post. The jacket looks comfortable, functional, and fun. I hope you might update with a picture of it being worn :slight_smile:

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I’ve been searching and she always has the hood off. lol

What a wonderful costume!
Hoodies are such great costume foundations. I’ve done it at least twice now.

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Welcome! The hoodie is so fun! Functional and adorable.

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What a cute hoodie!

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That’s really cool!! Welcome - I hope you share more of your projects!

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How cute :smiley: And great that she still wears it, shows just how awesome she thinks it is.

This is cool! It’s so nice to craft for someone who loves what you’ve made, and clearly she does!