POLL: Swaps for Round Three: Voting 7/21-7/28

Question: If someone has sent, with proof (tracking, etc), do we need to wait for their package to arrive to allow them to join more? When they’ve done all they can, it seems a bit sad to make them wait on the uncontrollable conditions of our overburdened postal service.


@kittykill I’m really hoping this is the case :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

After talking it over with the other swap mods… If you partner has not received, and you have met your max on swaps, you have to wait. Currently, if you have outstanding swaps, you may sign up for some in round 4 if you haven’t met your 5 max.

Some things to think about: Sign ups can last 1-2 weeks which means that you still have time for your package to be received.

We are also thinking of allowing swap sign ups to be staggered a little so there is a not a large amount of swaps due at once. (example-the organizer has 1-2 weeks to start sign ups). The last couple of swaps have been mostly due at once and we know that can be a bit much for people. This is just an idea we are toying with so don’t take this as set in stone.

We will still be using google spreadsheets for the database but it will be tweaked a bit. We also have a list of current swappers and their outstanding swaps in the spreadsheets.