Polyclay Basket Bases

Technically not a completed project, but I’m sending them to my mom and dad as they are, so they’re finished for me! Also, I just needed to post something and get some LC love because I’m having a hard day.

So anyway, I saw some gorgeous ceramic basket bases with herons etched into them on Etsy, but the one I wanted for my dad was sold, so I thought I’d make one on my own.
I used to be able to use the kiln at a place I used to teach at, but they aren’t set up anymore due to COVID… so I improvised and used polyclay and a faux ceramic finish (with liquid polyclay) and they turned out really pretty!
image|375x500 Not as substantial as real fired clay, but good enough. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Ohhhhhh, I love these! Esp hearing your workaround for no kilns. I don’t have access to one so I’m gonna check these out for sure!

These are really beautiful and such a smart work around idea.

Ooh clearly I need to check out liquid polyclay, I love the look of ceramics but don’t have easy access to a studio. These turned out beautiful! How do you get the mottling effect on the heron dish?


These are gorgeous!!! Very awesome work around.

My momma is a basket weaver and she would adore these.

@sheepBlue I got the mottling effect by placing little droplets of the plain liquid clay on top of the first layer of the colored liquid clay. I colored it by mixing with pearlex pigment powder.

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I just discovered apoxie clay, and now this. So many things to try :laughing:

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They look fantastic! Good on you for improvising with liquid clay…the results are perfect.

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Here’s the tutorial I used to get the right idea on how to do it! I improvised a bit, but this gives the main method!


Wow, I can hardly believe those aren’t ceramic! Nice job!

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These are gorgeous! They really do look like ceramics. I hope your day got better!

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Wow, these are awesome! I wouldn’t have known that they weren’t fired clay.

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Those are really pretty!

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Stunning! I can’t believe they aren’t ceramic.

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Wow it really looks like ceramic. It looks really cool. I can’t wait to see it all finished.

Thanks for the video link! They turned out really beautiful! I can see a lot of applications …

but, I really love that you made basket bases…they are gorgeous!

WOWZERS! These turned out great… they really do look like ceramic and the various designs are going to look so nice in a pine needle basket.

Whoa! Amazing! Wow! I totally thought it was fired in a kiln.

These are gorgeous! I’m so shocked to see that they’re not traditional clay. The splotches make them extra cool. :slight_smile: