Polymer Clay Octopus ATC

Moving some of my fave projects from Deadster over here on LC. Sadly, I have yet to use any more of those metal ATC bases and I still have them. I think I need to revisit this technique!

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I have a set of blank metal ATC cards and thus far have had no idea what to do with them. When I decided to make an ATC using polymer clay, however, I discovered the metal cards are PERFECT as a base!

I molded the octopus directly onto the metal and added little metal gears, then baked the whole thing. The octopus popped off cleanly and I was able to paint the ATC base, add paint and detail to the octopus and then glue the whole thing together.

I love the result and will definitely be sculpting some more ATCs soon! This was created for Wulf in the Happy Mail Swap.




So many arms to hug you and itself at the same time.

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I love this so much! Very cool!!


Wowwww! This is really cool. I’m glad you have more of those ATC blanks coz it will mean that we’ll see more cool stuff like this!


Thanks, all! I definitely need to break out those metal bases and make more.

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