Ponytail Beanies

I make these often and figured I’d share as I made another tonight.

It didn’t photograph well tonight but I’m giving it away in the morning. Another ponytail beanie! I start with a hairtie and fit as many DC as I can around the band without stretching it out. Then I do a round of 2dc in each stitch for the second round. I then DC the rest of the base until the final three rows which are FPDC and BPDC rounds for the border. Tonight I held together two yarns for the color effect–one “mellowly solid” pale yellow (mellow yellow?!?) and a self striping acrylic. It’s funny, the FPDC and BPDC eluded me for years and I have no idea why…go figure. Thanks for looking! Here’s one with only one strand crocheted.


Love the colours!

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These are really cute, I especially love the chunky yellow one, so cheerful!

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Super cute! I love all the colors you used :smile:

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Gorgeous and so colorful! My fav is the varigated one :slight_smile:

Love this idea … I’m bookmarking it try sometime. Thanks for sharing the how-to.

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That’s such a fun idea! I made a beanie for my friend once with a ponytail hole, but I didn’t think to use a hair tie as the base, I just made a hole in the back.

I love the idea of a ponytail beanie :smiley: and the choice of yarn is awesome :smiley: really pretty stitches