Pop Art Pups

I made these pop art pup portraits for @JoyfulClover in the Holiday Swap. I took images of her dogs, imported them into graphics programs and colorized them in several colors then added them to the top of some colorful 2" circles I cut out of gelli prints before putting them into 8"x8" frames.


I really like them! The colors are very unique together and it is special way to show off a favorite pet!

How thoughtful!

My babies!! And they are all hung, for me to admire every day! Squish! Thank you, @Kwality570!

What a great take on a pet portrait! EEP!

These are so precious! What a fantastic way to display photos of beloved pets.

Wow, I love these so much! want

LOVE!!! :heart: :dog: :purple_heart:

You Andy Warhol’ed the heck out of those pictures.

Love this!

The coloration is really neat!!! It makes them pop!!!

Those are fantastic!

So much fun! What a great idea.