Poppy Moon Pendant on Embellished Sari Silk Ribbon

I sent this off as a surprise to @sheepBlue , and she received it today, so I can share! I made the focal piece at last year’s Adornments Retreat. The instructor gave us collage sheets of images, so I’m not certain where this image in particular is from. The base is wood, which I painted white under the sheer image. I painted the back a shimmery blue, then I added the brass dragonfly and the Swarovski flatback crystals before finishing it with a coat of diamond glaze.

The image includes a crescent moon, and a faint face beside it, with a field of poppies in the foreground. I used some Beadalon wire, and added a green glass and a Vintaj brass bead to the top, before wrapping the wire a few times around the beads. From the bottom I suspended a Czech glass poppy bead, on a decorative headpin.

The whole piece is strung from some sari silk ribbon, that I embellished with brass disks, seed beads, and a coppery orange thread. The silk came from a friend I met at last year’s Retreat, who sent out bead goodies to friends during the pandemic. The brass disks came from a box of craft supplies @pottermouth brought me when she drove through in March.

I’m so glad a piece I started nearly a year ago is now complete. I love how it turned out, and think that part of the real inspiration in finishing it, was imagining it on sheepBlue, and pushing it more towards her individual style. I love being inspired by my crafty friends!


I love all the textures and mixed materials on this so much :heart: The gloss is so glossy and the beads are so cool. Its such a unique piece that I’ll love wearing I know it.

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Beautiful! I love the beading on the sari ribbon especially.

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This is beautiful! So much attention to detail!

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How did I miss this? The pieces are so unique.

Such a clever combination of textures and shapes!

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Love the crafty boho energy! Its lovely and I can tell it’s for Sheepblue!

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