Portrait in a Bag - Teesha Moore throwback

A long while ago (2013) on the old site I did a swap with @MistressJennie where I made her a custom Teesha Moore bag featuring many of her favorite things. I never got the chance to do this much, but I really enjoyed this project.

Some of the themes I incorporated in the are Harry Potter, Doctor Who, tea, crafting, celtic knots, art nouveau, flying keys/clocks, among other things.


I love it so much!!! I ended up stashing some of your business cards in one of the pockets, because I have people ask for your shop info every time I carry it. Most recently LAST WEEK at the library!


Your bags are what made me want to do Teesha Moore patches in the first place. They’re so epic and amazing! You sent me a bunch of patches, instructions, and handle scraps way back when so I was able to make my own bag (with some patches of my own added as well).


This is beautiful!

What a stupendous creation!

Gorgeous! I remember falling in love with Teesha’s Moore’s work years and years ago (I think it was journal covers?); you did her proud with this. Just wow.


I think this is my favorite of your TM bags. So personalized and beyond epic!!

Beautiful! This bag inspired me to make my TM patch sewing machine cover!

Amazing!! I love seeing TM inspiration :smiley: Your work is fantastic @sheepBlue

Thanks everyone! Its been so long, maybe I’ll give TM patches another go.

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Agreed, this is so lovely! Aside from the beautiful colors, it must be so great to look at that bag all the time and see your favorite things!

You always make the best TM patches! I still use the pouch you made me years ago to hold my project supplies when I’m embroidering!

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:fire: :dog: Hot diggity dog! Your delightful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects :fire: :dog:

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Heck yeah!

Aww thank you!