Poseable-ized Dollar Store Mini Skeletons


For a more comprehensive miniatures project, I wanted to include some dollar store skeletons. I thought I’d just cut them apart at their joints and glue them into position, but then I saw this video from Bentley House Minis on making them poseable. WOO! Er, BOO?


Basically you cut them at their joints, drill holes on all the joint pieces, wire them together, then repaint them as you like. The pic above shows the wires running down the back of the bones, but painted, etc. so pretty subtle. The video is pretty short, so if you’re interested in doing this go have a look!

I made two. They don’t stand on their own, but they are very flexible and will hold their pose!

This one had undergone some trepanation in their fleshy life!


I usually bend them, then crimp the joint with pliers. Stays pretty well, but not very repositionable.

I will keep that in mind for future skeleton projects! So far I am having fun playing with poses with these two.

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What fun! And, I’m sure you’ll use them in a creative vignette in the future, which I can’t wait to see.

I think I have some of those hanging around, so I might have to give this a try. Thanks for the mini-tutorial and the link to the video (she makes amazing stuff!).

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Aw, thanks! I took some progress shots, but her video is so short and well done it didn’t make sense to reinvent her wheel, so to speak. :wink:



Well that is completely neat-o!

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Clever! I can totally see you having a good time with this! Is a mini trephine in your future?

Thanks, friends!

Well there wasn’t, but maybe now there will be! :person_shrugging:

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I love these are poseable! Perfect for those crafting needs!

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