Post It Note Art for Carson Ellis' #TransmundaneTuesdays

Carson Ellis (the awesome author-illustrator) does weekly drawing prompts called Transmundane Tuesdays on Instagram. Today was #amphibiousinbuckledshoeswithacat, so I did my daughter raiding the dressing up box.

Some people spend days on their posts and the work is stunning, but I decided that my ones would be the first thought that popped into my head and using just the office supplies at my desk. Some turn out better than others, but it’s a great motivational tool for me to do at least something every week. Actually, it makes me do two things each week, as I don’t like having two post it notes in a row on my IG page :smiley:

Anyone else taking part?


this is amazing!
and I just found him on instagram-holy hot dog! :hotdog:

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:shushing_face: It’s “her” :slight_smile:

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Your drawing is super cute! What a great way to stimulate creativity. :slight_smile:


Now I feel like a jerk! I HATE using incorrect pronouns!

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I just say “them”, it’s sort of like Ms. but more inclusive :slightly_smiling_face:.

I am not on Instagram and can only look a couple secs before it blocks me seeing anything so can’t really look up your reference but your post-it is cute. They are such fun little canvasses to work on. The supplies at work are never safe from my crafty inclinations, lol.

I didn’t mean to make you feel bad! I just always assumed “Carson” was a guy’s name too, but Ms Ellis is a woman :sunglasses:

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She pulls out there slips of paper and makes a prompt out of them, so this week’s was…

I really like having at least some direction, so a prompt is fantastic for me. And the sheer randomness is a lot of fun.

Also, I appreciate the further constraint you imposed of just office supplies. I may have to check out Carson! Thank you for sharing!


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I haven’t even heard of this challenge, but this art makes me want to go and check it out. I think you sketching skills are wonderful, love the simple but adorable style

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Aww, thanks :slight_smile:

I did today’s! Cat in glasses with septor

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