Posting Older Projects

Can we post older craft projects from a certain website?

Absolutely! You can post projects from “the” past website and other social media groups . There is no cut off date. We want to see all your amazing crafts!


Love the vintage photo; reminds me of my mom’s high school annual. :woman_student:

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Wow a walk back in time to when girls weren’t allowed to wear pants (unless under a dress, why??) and there were no cell phones. Great photo. According to fashion trends, retro is making another comeback but from the 1980s-90s. The hairspray industry will love it.



Great idea. Maybe I should run around and snap candid pictures of all my random crafts to share


Is there a set protocol for photo dumps? I’m in the process of finishing 7 quilts today… Should they each get a thread or should I bodge them all on one?

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Ya know, whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to post seven individual posts, it is totally cool. If it is easier for you to post all seven in one thread-that’s good too.

@sloth003 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re a quilting machine!