Potato Soup & Whole Wheat Bread

Am working on budget food recipes and made this as a higher dollar meal. 1 thick slice of bacon, four medium potatos, a quarter of a medium onion, and salt and pepper. 1/4 c. heavy cream and two teaspoons of flour.

Heat the potatos, onion, and salt and pepper in just enough water to just below the top of the potatos, til boiling. Toss in the bacon chopped up. continue cooking til the potatos don’t taste uncooked (they should still be pretty firm). Then mix in flour and heavy cream. Continue cooking til it thickens, remove from heat, and let sit for five to ten minutes.

I don’t have the reciept, but the potato soup should be good for a family of four, and costs around $1.50 to 2.15.

I added almost 1/4 cup of molasses to this and two tablespoons of sugar. Going to make sure it’s very sweet. (Ok, should be ready for me to scarf I piece down). Oh my word, this is all soooo goood.


I remember magazines that used to feature cost per serving meals to help people budget and yet still make hearty and tasty meals for their families!

Potato soup served in bread is a delicious and comforting food…looks like the cook did another bang up job…yummy!


Looks delicious! We love potato soup and homemade bread!


It all looks so yummy, and the bread is making my mouth water!

A yummy winter meal!

Yum! It’s breakfast time here, but this is making me crave potato soup!