Potholder in Primary Colors*

*with a hint of orange because of loop shortage

I got some more potholder loops for Christmas, but not really enough of any one color to do any of the established patterns or even a fully symmetrical pattern of my own invention. So I came up with this, which I’m actually really liking even though I apparently popped a loop off the loom without realizing it until I was finishing the sides :roll_eyes:. That’s why the blue-and-yellow sides are a little looser.

It’s a bit bolder in real life; I fiddled with the photo to try to get the colors truer to life but also washed it out a bit in the process.

Thanks for looking!


Good looking way to keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool!


How do it know?

Great weaving

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The Orange looks like it was meant to be there! This looks great - your colors are awesome!

Thanks, everyone!

I love these pot holders! I have a few made by my nephew and they are my favorite!