Potholder Therapy

I’ve been having trouble getting interested in doing much crafting, but I do have a need to keep busy. Let me tell you, every single closet and drawer (with the exception of the scariest one) has been thoroughly cleaned and organized. When @kittykill posted some old school potholders a while back, I started thinking that potholders would be fun to make, but I never got around to ordering supplies. However, a little seed had been planted. Then @megwell posted some potholders she made, and that little seed got watered. Now it’s out of control.

I played around with a few patterns, but in the end I decided that the confetti look made me happiest, so that’s pretty much my go to look for now. The one on the bottom left was made with the last of my loops, but I still think it works.

I am totally out of loops now, but more are on the way. Lots of folks getting potholders for Christmas this year. Thanks, ladies, for the inspiration!


There’s going to be a boom in the loom business thanks to Lettuce Craft!


The turned out so great! I love the colors you chose.

They look fun. I feel like I need a potholder loom now.

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What are some of the colors you ordered?

I really like the pattern of the multi-colored one in the top upper left of the first picture. It reminds me of a quilt square. I also think the pattern on the orange and blue one is neat, I think that would go great with some 70’s retro kitchen decor :peace_symbol:

Very nice!
Has anyone tried sewing them together for a granny square rug or something?


Oh, look at all the colours! This is really making me want to try this! :grinning:

A rug made from these would be a super cool idea!

These are great. Just seeing them brings back fond childhood crafting memories.

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I got the loops from Amazon; they’re Harrisville Design. A bag of enough loops to make 8 potholders is about $20. What you see is a mix of bright colors and pastel colors. I love the pastel, but they really need some bright mixed in or they look a little muddy to me. (See the upper right one in the top picture.) The brights alone are too much for my taste, so I do like to mix the bags. My next order is for some pastels and some designer colors (ooo, fancy!) those will have some greys and blacks in them.

It’s so relaxing, and you can get one done in no time, so I have been feeling quite productive. I made all these in just the last week. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen tutorials on how to weave these together (or I’m sure someone could figure it out). They would probably make a really cute bathmat. The loops I use are really nice and thick. I thought they would look great as a blanket, but they’re way too stiff for that.

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The bottom one on the left is my favorite! You were busy. These make me smile! :smiley:

All part of my master plan Glad to have contributed!

I haven’t, but the little booklet that came with my loom does mention making rugs, placemats, purses, etc.

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You have been busy! The potholders are so bright and cheerful…love them!


These are so awesome! I’m glad you found your jam! :hugs:

These just always bring a smile to my face. Cheerful and fun and cute. And so ‘old-school’ crafty.

I really love the way you combined the colors. They’re not obnoxiously bright, and the pastels give them a vintage vibe without making them look worn out. Now, I might have to dig out my loom and loops (and somewhere, I have a pattern book, too… it would be amazing if they were actually all in the same place).


Congrats! Your plethora of potholders are one of this week’s featured projects. Way to rock it!

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I love my potholders and use them exclusively. Great gift!