Potions of Greater Healing

Last week my D&D group met up in person! It was awesome! While 3 of us live in WA state, the others live in Michigan, Oklahoma, & Tennessee! It was so fun to have them here! To celebrate their arrival, my husband thought it would be cool to make them something. He really wanted to do potion bottles with dice inside, as we’ve seen them other places. So in dungeons & dragons, the role playing game we play, when you want to heal you can take a potion. Depending on the strength of the potion, you roll a certain type and amount of dice. With that idea set in my mind, I set out to make his idea come to life! He picked out the bottles and dice, we got them ordered and I did a couple test runs. I haven’t done a lot of resin work, so I needed to practice a little. I initially tried coloring my resin with ground up chalk and glitter. I didn’t like the outcome too much, and decided to buy some pearlescent mica powders from Amazon. They made it so swirly and shimmery, and eventually gave up on the glitter altogether. Each bottle has about 2 ounces of resin poured inside. I added the colorant before pouring into the bottles. Once they had cured for 24-48 hrs, I added the dice inside. The idea is that you shake up the dice in the bottle and pour them out to gather your resulting healing value. I added twine and labels that I made in photoshop on the outside. The labels were printed out and then laminated, for durability. It was a fun new craft and we love the results!

A progress shot

Feel free to use this tag you want to make bottles like these!


What a fun welcome favor for your friends!


Very cool!

I did a lot of resin experiments a few years ago. One of my favorite transparent colorants was food coloring–the cheap watery stuff from the grocery store. My favorite combo was blue+green+irridescent fake snow. Looks like opals!

Chalk never worked well for me, but eyeshadow was nice.

And you have to try a dandelion! It gets all matted when you put it into the resin, then it opens back up like magic.


Ooooh, I love the effect of the pearlescent mica powder! And your tag is awesome; thanks for sharing it.


Ooo! I will have to try that!

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I think these are just so cool!

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That is an amazing gift. Your extra touches are perfect!


These are fantastic looking. Im sure everyone was impressed.


How fun is this! So exciting to have such a get together in the first place, but I truly love how you and your husband worked together to take it to the next level! They turned out so cool!

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This is super cool, I love dnd and I need to get a group to play with but I might do this or something like it. Thx for the inspiration!

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What a great idea! I especially like the twine at the top and the pearlescent shimmer of the mica.