Potlikker Soup

My husband is normally the grocery shopper and cook in our two person family. However, he is currently rehabing from having knee replacement surgery, so I am left with these chores.

For NYD, I cooked the traditional black eye peas, collards, cornbread, etc. As usual, we have leftovers. The best thing we like is potlikker soup. Easy peasy.

Brown an onion with leftover ham or pork, chicken stock, and throw in the leftovers plus a can of diced tomatoes. I had a few boiled potatoes left from another meal that I threw in as well…it will be an odd surprise for whomever finds them.

Since this is such a huge pot and I don’t want to eat leftovers forever, I am going to take some to our elderly neighbors next door. This is a really nutritious soup…particularly fiber and iron. There is a lot of leeway in making soups, which makes it easy for a non-cook like me.


Oh my gosh, that looks delicious. I’d lick that pot! LOL!

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Oh yum! Homemade soup is my go-to for a quick meal, too! This looks so yummy!

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A back story on the pot…when I was in college, I worked at various low paying jobs to help out. I dated a guy who sold pots and pans door-to-door. He sold me a set of these pots and pans for the then expensive price of $63. I made payments of $2.69 a month for two years! That pot is 45 years old now. I still have the other three saucepans and the frying pan.


I love this story! Sadly, my man’s granny’s La Creuset set was thrown out, true story. I have my dad’s Jamie Oliver set now. It’s good but it is not L.C. sigh~

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I have not heard that name before. I also have not made a traditional MUD meal before,must change that. A couple of my friends have pork and sauerkraut to celebrate. I would love more information on how to make that particular kind of soup. I could live off of soup. :smile:

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I do not like to cook, but I find soups pretty easy and forgiving. I also could live off soups and good bread.

Someone on here gave a tip to use a few tablespoons of instant mashed potatoes to thicken soups…I have used that tip for years now and am so grateful since it is easy and creates no lumps.

We are having salmon later this week…I am excited because I found a seafood soup that uses the leftover salmon! Another easy one…can’t wait until hubby is fully recovered.


Yum, I love collards! I bet this is great!

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Huh that’s actually a good idea and I never thought about it. I always end up with lumps when I try to use cornstarch.

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This soup looks delicious. The pots and pans set will most likely last forever, as things made “back in the day” are usually sturdier than things made nowadays. I love adding instant mashed potatoes for substance or as a thickener.

Collard greens and cornbread, mmm!