Pouches for Personal Care Products

We have a new women’s shelter that put out a call for personal items for the residents until they can get back on their feet financially. A few years ago, @Bunny1kenobi did a similar project that stuck in my mind as being very generous and useful…a small bag for each to carry around these items (as opposed to the plastic bag they hand out now!)

I am using all of those bits of fabric that are too large for scraps but too small for bigger projects. These are made from 8x8 samples I order from Spoonflower before buying larger amounts of fabric. The rest are just fabrics from stash, but I wanted to show how any small piece can be joined to make a useful pouch.

They are boxed at the bottom. I folded them flat so I could put them into an envelope for the shelter to hand out to get filled.


Fabulous pouches! I love the one on the bottom especially. What a nice thing to do.

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The stripes were mistakes made by Spoonflower…they printed the colors but not the designs! lol

So, they were in essence, “freebies” that I had no use for in my own projects. Thanks!


What a great idea! I’m sure they’ll be appreciated.

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These bags are beautiful! They will be so appreciated I have no doubt!


These are really lovely! I imagine that it can really mean a lot to someone in these difficult situations to be given something truly nice and just for them.


They look great and I am sure they will come in handy and will be appreciated.

An awesome little project! Love the tassel pulls!