Pound Puppy Pattern?

My mom and brother want me to make an old-school 1980’s Pound Puppy. Problem is, the official pattern book is super hard to find. Does anyone know if there are any other patterns for Pound Puppies? Or even better, would you be willing to share a pattern if you own the book? I’m not using this for profit, my mom just really wants me to make a Pound Puppy for her.



While I do not have a copy of the pattern I was gifted a homemade pound puppy that I absolutely adored! Good luck in your quest!

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At one point in time I think I had a knock-off Pound Puppies pattern. Let me do some searching and see if I can turn it up again!


This pattern can be converted to English using Google translate, and with a few adjustments to the facial features it would look a lot like a pound puppy. This is the closest I’ve ever seen.

This is my childhood Pound Puppy (which I still have!), Cinnamon Rolls.


I have that same Pound Purry! I have one of my originals and it’s one of the ones where the mouth looks like a butt and I don’t even know what they were thinking with those.


Alright, I found it! And it’s actually official Pound Puppies, so even better! The catch is, there are not actual pattern pieces, just the instruction sheets. However, there is a cutting layout that shows all the pattern pieces, so it could be possible to scale it up. PM me!