Pour Paint Shenanigans

I’m exploring and learning about pour painting and have put together a colab of ones I have made! These are 4x6 and 5x7 flat canvas.

I put most in two collages to save the excessive scrolling. I am not using any heating element to move the paint to limit noise while Mr. Lynx is wfm.

This one was a happy accident! As I was titling my piece, I dropped it a couple times into paint already pooled and so it gave this piece the cool blue-purples!

That gave me the idea to just use a 4x6 canvas to pick up paint, and it created this neato piece!

I spy a mermaid, a lion, and what looks maybe like a melting dog a la Picasso!

I am finding I like the blues and greens best! Maybe because it is color preference. Today I played with a red, white, and blue mix, too.

I don’t care for the orange ones as much.

You’ll notice I’m exploring mica powder on wet paint in some of my pieces.

Here are some singles of pieces I really like.

I may be missing few in the smaller sizes.

Here is an 11x7 with mica powder.

I apologize for glare in some pictures.

Now to get some sealant and properly seal these, as opposed to accidentally gesso spraying them! Hah

Thanks for looking.


These are great. I love the different appearances based on colour. The blue ones obviously lend themselves to water (including accidental purple seaweed), but that orange/brown/gold set look like they are pictures of the surface of some arid planet.


That first one has underwater vibes that I love. :hearts:

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These are all GREAT! Love the oranges as well as the blues/purples the most I think

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That’s a great collection you’ve got going!

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Thanks everyone!

I love them all! The ones you said are favorites of yours stand out to me as well. Gorgeous!

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I want to do these SO bad! Love the one with the blues purples and pinks

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Very cool! The mica powder is a fun addition!

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They are all gorgeous!

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