Prairie Schooler hen and rooster

From Prairie Schooler book 94. I stitched those a few years back and planned to make ornaments from these. That never happened so they sat in a box until I donated them to the fundraiser. They live with @MightyMitochondria now.


That was a awesome donation…everyone loves chickens, right?

Lovely job…to be enjoyed and not just sitting in a box…and for a great cause, too!

They look so great! Amazing vintage colours. What is the fabric, it looks like linen but also like a soft sort of Aida, cool!

Love Prairie Schooler!! Great job and lucky @MightyMitochondria

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I am so glad they live with @MightyMitochondria! Your stitching is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the love!

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They are the prettiest little birds! :orange_heart:

The fabric is linen, it’s actually not that soft. I always like to stitch on linen that’s a bit stiff so it’s easy to keep the tension without using a frame or hoop.

I had actually been working on my ‘finished but not quite finished’ pile for a while so the fundraiser came at the right time. I love everything but I’ve just made too much to find a place for in my own home. These days most of what I make ends up in other homes.

What a generous donation. @MightyMitochondria is a lucky one!

Yay for donations!! :+1:t2:

And your stitching is perfect! I know you love chickens :wink: but I love them too!

Thanks for sharing!

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Yahoo! Thanks for stitching them and thanks for the donation. They turned out great.

Your chickens are still in my craft room above my sewing machine!


Oh that is good to hear!

I will send you a pic of what I did with the MAQ, it’s still a WIP and I should finish it this year!!

They are really pretty, and sometimes things don’t go as we wish, but at least someone else will be able to enjoy them now :slight_smile: