Prairie Schooler Spring / Summer Swap GALLERY

Hope your day goes well, and hope you’re feeling 100% soon!


Thank you, it was a rough day with having the migraine for the majority of it then the family hovering impatiently as I made dinner. Including the cats. I’m in a houseful of hungry dudes.


I have photos of what you sent to me!!!

jemimah sent a sturdy envelope with a bunch of fun postage stamps on it! I especially love the echidna. We decided to send a few flat extras to each other, so here are the extras first:

Lovely card with a fun cat envelope that I will totally be re-using. There’s also a beautiful blank postcard. Should I keep it? Should I send it to my sis to brighten her day because she loves Australia so much? Choices.

Stickers! I love stickers. There are also two cards that are positive affirmations/gratitude. I think I’m going to collage them into greeting cards for friends. May has been rough on a few of them. One set is moving (closer to me) and the others are fully remodeling their basement. Both stressful!

I have a coloring zine! Yay! I was thinking about making one for jemimah, but it went through my head and out my ear. I forgot that I was going make one until I saw this-- how funny! Btw, when is the next zine swap?

Here are the TWO cross stitch pieces I received! They’re on a square of fabric, but I took close-ups so you can see the detail. These are tiny stitches on a fabric count that I have yet to graduate up to and, wow, the backside is amazing. So well kept. I see the difference in mine from when I first started to now, but it’s still not nearly as neat and tidy:

A bun! for spring

A crow! for autumn

I’m hoping you will like the package I sent to you, jemimah. It was about a month ago that I took it to the post office, I think, and had them weigh it and assure me I didn’t need a customs form on it. Speed up, mail!

Oh and how did you make the edges of your pieces so nice? They look sewn!

Thank you for being my partner!


Beautiful work! I have so much linen that I purchased to cross stitch and embroider on but I also have not yet tried it…the stitches seem so tiny!

I love the crow, but I imagine it was challenging, being all black! Wow!

As usually, a well curated swap package!


I know, right??? I’d be holding it right up to my face to get the stitches correct, even though I’m near-sighted.


Yay! I’m so glad you like your package :smile_cat:

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer to wait until your envelope arrives! I’m sure it’ll be here soon :snail: :love_letter:


My envelope from @irid3sc3nt arrived today, hooray! I can’t believe how she fitted so much into one envelope!!

Stickers and stationery and the cutest cat note :smile_cat:

More stickers! So cute, I will love using these :heart:

A gorgeous postcard and a hilarious greeting card :laughing:

And the main event - a beautifully stitched and super cute bunny cross stitch, it’s adorable! :rabbit2:

Thank you so much for such a bright and happy package, I love everything!


I just love that bunnies are appearing in the stitch projects! I really like this one because of the shading and the shape (without backstitching!). Beautiful work