Prairie Schooler Spring / Summer Swap GALLERY

We have a gallery for the Prairie Schooler Spring / Summer Swap - Sign-ups CLOSED, Send-out April 20 !


@Immaculata :gift: @Kwality570
@irid3sc3nt :mailbox: to @jemimah
@jemimah :mailbox: @irid3sc3nt
@Kwality570 :gift: @Immaculata

Special participant:
@Immaculata :mailbox: @AIMR in a seperate private swap with the same theme :slight_smile:
And @AIMR :gift: to @Immaculata

:mailbox: = sent
:gift: = received

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Pouts I wanna see 'em.


Here’s what I received from @Kwality570 !!

Plus some stickers in the card.

I think we both used the same pattern! And we both chose to change the colours a little bit. Thank you so much!


Nice start to the gallery! Love the colors…so spring-y! The border is a nice way to capture the little scene beautifully!


I was EXTREmELY spoiled by @Immaculata. Seriously! She sent me three amazing pieces and a bunch of amazing smelling teas!!!

The first piece is a honey thief bear. The edges are so cool! I absolutely love bears and this little cutie is no exception!

The next is a stunning bird on a green background (my favorite color ever) that’s hand-dyed. I love the subtle color variations!

And the final is a tiny house (another favorite theme of mine) with adorable little bunnies! The tonal thread is absolutely beautiful!!!

And the great card and teas!

You either stalked me well or just licked out by sending me all of my favorites! Seriously, this package has me in awe! Thanks again!!!


I just love the beauty of the stitching for all three pieces! The bird is spectacular!

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Oh wow, these pieces are all so cute!! Lovely work!

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Look at what I got from @AIMR in our unofficial swap!

It’s gorgeous! I’ve also never seen this finish before, the back is crochet as well.


I am so glad you like it! It is not Prairie Schooler, but there is very little backstitching, which is what I like! I hope the cardboard insert didn’t get bent…it looks like it is still pretty flat!

I wasn’t going to finish it, but I happened to have stumbled over the yarn while I was packing it coincidentally had the same colors! I’ll do a separate post to explain it better.

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It didn’t get bent, it feels very sturdy! I think there’s also some sort of batting inside?

It’s not official prairie schooler, but it’s very spring/summery, and we didn’t swap officially, so no rules were broken! :smile: It’s very beautiful. This summer I hope to get my craft room painted and then I’m going to cover the walls with beautiful things. Mr Imma is going camping and I need him out of the house and out of my way, so I can drag my whole craft room into the bedroom temporarily.


Yes, it is batting over a piece of cardboard.

I know it was not official prairie schooler…I just wanted to make that pattern for some time! :rofl:

Once I can swap again, I promise to dig out my real prairie schooler patterns! ha

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I can’t wait until you receive mine! There’s a little surprise for you in there.

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This is so pretty @AIMR! adorable design :cherry_blossom: :bird:


@irid3sc3nt and @jemimah yours still haven’t arrived, right?

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Yikes…I got super busy…the sun is out so I am going to take a break and take pictures now! Sorry…I already ate the goodies, too! ha ha

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I received from @immaculata! I laughed because it looks like we both like and picked the same designer from Satsuma Street! All of the designs are colorful and simple but have loads of detail.

@Immaculata made the cutest pouch out of it with colors picked out of the piece for the front, back and lining! I am going to use it to hold my smaller pattern pieces, notes and ideas.

She also sent a very cool magazine with a free project to keep me busy until I can settle in my new home. There was some citrus flavored teas (yummy!) and some Stroopwafels (don’t look too close
at the package…it is empty because I ate them already!) :sweat_smile:

As if that wasn’t enough…she sent three smaller pieces for me to use in my own projects! What a lovely surprise!

Thanks for swapping with me!


I’m glad you liked it!! The bottom three are Prairie Schooler designs, although only the “tea” one is stitched like it was designed, I changed the colours of the other two.

As @AIMR helped me out in the previous prairie schooler swap by sending me a paper pattern I couldn’t get in my country I wanted to send something extra as a thank you, so basically this is two swap packages in one.

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I recognized the bird…I probably have it one my wish list, but now I can pick something else!

Anytime you need a pattern, let me know…I am currently in love with a designer called Stitchy Princess. I have five her designs on my wishlist. Maybe in the fall or late summer we can do a stitchalong or swap with one of her designs. I like them because you can do a large design or just pick one of the smaller pieces or mix and match!

The advent calendar is also lovely…too many patterns, not enough time!

Wow what a gorgeous package @Immaculata, everything is beautiful!!

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but soon hopefully :grinning:


Mine arrived! I hope to get pics up today, but I have training that I can’t miss and my head is starting to pound, ugh.