Pre-Easter Dinner - Scalloped Potaotes

We had some potatoes that needed to be used sooner rather than later. I decided I really wanted scalloped potatoes, and @QueenHobo agreed. So Mr sbc picked up some turkey ham (we got enough for Sunday’s dinner as well), and we made a pre-Easter dinner. Our trial run was delicious. Sunday will be even better when QueenHobo makes deviled eggs. :drooling_face:


YUM! I love scalloped potatoes but the hubs hates them. I need to make some just for me.


That looks soooo tasty!!

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I love scalloped potatoes, everybody in this family does. That is awesome for pleasing all the people with a side dish but terrible for having seconds because no matter how much gets made, there is never anything left!

Years ago I read Jeffrey Steingarten’s foodie books and tried his gratin dauphinois recipe and lemme tell ya, most recipes for scalloped potatoes are not the same. There is not supposed to be any cheese. I’ll still eat it, and happily! But for a real treat, try this some time:

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