Present-shaped Gift Card Holders

We have a couple of gift card gifts to give in the next couple months, including in a couple of weeks, so I went ahead and made a couple of these while I was at it.


I used my Cricut Explore to cut the files which I got from Lori Whitlock’s site. It’s listed as a Christmas theme, but all I had to do was change my paper selection to make it for birthdays. I think I’ll end up getting quite a bit of use from this file because of this versatility.

Here is where I’d put my “classic” :laughing: putting-it-in-the-envelope shot, but this file didn’t come with one. I have envelope on hand that work, but will probably buy or make cards and just put them in there.


Oh how adorable these are! The recipients will love these card holders :slight_smile:


So cute! All your cards look amazing!

Thank you!

They are so cute and so much better than just putting them in a regular card.


Those are very cute and would be a good thing to make a bunch of to have on had for later dates.

Those are super cute!

Thanks everyone!

These are really cute. You can gift gift cards for any holiday or event based on paper choice with this. Very nice.

Thanks! That was my thinking when I decided on buying this file. Everything from weddings & babies, to housewarmings & birthdays!

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