Pretzel Shirt

A quick sew from some silly pretzel fabric, because I live in the land of all things pretzel (Pennsylvania).

This was a “last chance” fabric at Joann, so very inexpensive. Worth exactly what I paid for it–it’s not the best quality. The crossgrain was so wonky!

Pattern is McCalls 6964 (now Butterick 6848) with alterations for forward shoulder, short lower back/round upper back, neckline redraw(it was too low).

Mostly serged. Hems sewn with a double needle in my regular machine.


Very cute, nonetheless! Would be fun to wear for an Oktoberfest, too!


Super cute! Now I want a soft pretzel… and a beer. :pretzel: :beer: :yellow_heart:


Your shirts are always so fun. I love seeing them!

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To be entirely accurate, this is not what soft pretzels usually look like in Pennsylvania. Ours aren’t baked separately like that, but sort of squished together, and attached to each other. It’s like buying a rack of ribs.

(Not my picture)


You’d have to roll me out of the state.

I was so surprised the first time I was a parent chaperone on a school trip, and the teachers had brought along a big brown paper grocery bag of soft pretzels for a snack for the kids. I mean, it’s kind of good–no sugar, filling, cheap, but my New England-born self had never seen such a thing.


Pretzels!!! Yumm!

What a fun shirt!

Adorable! I love this little Pretzelvania shirt! Those pop fabrics are adorable and this pretzel one is no exception.

Neither had this New Englander!

@MistressJennie The first time I saw PA soft pretzels I said, “Oh, it’s like a hot dog bun, you know, the New England kind.” No, no one knew what I was talking about :).

Your shirt looks great! Your sewing is so lovely and neat.

I miss New England style hot dog rolls SO MUCH!

Your shirt came out awesome!! Wonky cross grain can’t keep you down!

This shirt is so cute.

:mega: Wheeeeee dawgeez! :confetti_ball: Your fantastic craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rocket:

Super fun fabric, totally worth any wonkiness.