Princess Hissabelle's New Throne

I created a new cat bed for my cat, Hissabelle, from another (smaller) suitcase. :3

It features a portrait of myself and the cat that I commissioned from another artist back in 2007, and a miniature apple wreath that I picked up from a dollar store in Japan when I was still teaching there. The gold frame and crown applique I got in a lot from another crafter who was clearing out her stash.

And here is the cat enjoying her new bed. She spent most of the day in the bed. XD


How sweet! Princess Hissabelle (adorable name BTW) looks pretty cozy!

she looks so content in her new bed.
I wish our cats would use something cute like this!

I’ve kept a couple of old suitcases for pretty much this purpose…thank you for the inspiration!

I had to make sure my cats weren’t looking over my shoulder before I could reply…they would be so envious of that special bed! Fit for a princess indeed…nice conversion…love the picture and the luxury feel.

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This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. If i had a cat, I would 100% make this. (And then watch them walk right on by, and jump in a cardboard box)


I absolutely love this.

So cute!

The bed and all it’s details are wonderful! The fact that the kitty actually uses it… AMAZEBALLZ!