Printable Cards with Colorful Yarn

(I wasn’t sure where to post digital cards. Since mine are meant to be printed, not send digitally, I opted for paper crafts. Mods, please let me know if they belong in another category.)

I designed a range of printable digital cards out of a picture I made of colorful leftover pieces of cotton yarn (from a crochet project of years ago).

Some examples:

BeaG-C-Yarn-Congratulations-01-kleiner BeaG-C-Yarn-HappyBirthday-01-kleiner

BeaG-C-Yarn-MeryChristmas-01-kleiner BeaG-C-Yarn-ThankYou-01-kleiner

I knew those leftover pieces of yarn would come in handy one day. And next spring I want to hang them in little nets outdoors, for the birds to use in their nests, so I’ll get yet another use out of them.

I also made another background with a thinner yarn border, to hold more text, for our New Year cards.

I hope you like them.

Feel free to copy the idea!
(But please don’t copy my actual cards, thank you.)


Fun idea!

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Such a clever use of your yarn scraps! I often find myself a bit enamored of my scrap piles and end up photographing them, but never though to make them into something. NEAT!

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Nice idea, could be adapted to all kinds of crafty scrap piles.

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Thank you, @endymion, @TheMistressT and @steiconi!

Yes, you could use any kind of crafty scraps!
Fabric, wool roving, beads, buttons, natural materials, etc.
And different background colors to place them on. I had fun taking pictures with different backgrounds, but decided I liked the grey craft paper background the most.

And once you have taken the crafty scraps pictures, you can use them over and over again to design new cards (or posters, or even graphic T’s, etc.).

I’m looking forward to seeing other member’s take(s) on this idea!

These are fun and cute!

Look into putting out yarn for birds before doing so. It’s generally highly discouraged and bad for the birds, but I’m sure there are different thoughts and research on it since I last looked.

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Thanks, @storerboughtcreation!

It never crossed my mind that the yarn could be harmful for the birds. If so, I will skip that idea.

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Natural fiber yarn is fine for birds, but synthetics don’t drain or insulate properly.

Excellent cards, tho! :grin:

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Thanks, @thanate!

Is cotton yarn okay for nesting material? My concern is that it might stay too wet.

I haven’t seen anything against cotton (at least in yarn form-- dryer lint is too tiny & compacted no matter what fiber it is), and I have seen at least one probably-reputable source recommend putting out a new cotton mop-head to watch the robins tugging strings off it.

I’ve put out a bunch of natural fiber yarn & tiny fabric scraps, and so far have seen no evidence that any of my birds actually use them, but who knows. :slight_smile:

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Maybe they’re waiting for their favorite color to show up… LOL

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