Printable Collage Sheets

I have a project in my head that is going to require a lot of mixed media elements and I’m wondering where everyone finds fun collage sheets. I am able to print them myself so would prefer to do that over ordering hard copies. Bonus if they happen to be free!!

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Do you mean that you’re looking for images of already-made collages? Or that you are looking for a variety of fun images to make your own?

For the few collage projects I’ve done, I used:

  • Masterboards (although I wouldn’t have called them that at the time, since I only heard of them recently)

  • Magazine pages

  • Ephemera purchased at a local recycled-art-supplies store

I did buy some digital images on Etsy a couple of times.

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I am wanting to make my own. I am planning on altering a whole deck of cards throughout the year

They sell some pretty artsy magazines at my local bookstore. Those are the best for collage, I think. I can also sometimes get them at the recycled-art-supplies store, and also sometimes in the FREE box at garage sales. I also just keep a folder of “interesting-looking images” that I find on junk mail, fliers, and at work.

Etsy has digital collage be happy to make some for you too.

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For free printables, sign up for the sampler at Dover Books; they do a weekly set of sample pages from various stuff they sell.

Also, a lot of museums have begun digitizing their collections & offering things like coloring sheet downloads of their famous art & stuff, so check out the websites of your favorite museums, & maybe the Library of Congress.


All the sheets I use for my paper projects are printables. A few of my favorite places are:
My porch prints

country at heart

And Pixie Hill Studio

For free check out the graphic fairy

I also have a ton of freebies pinned on my crafty board you can check out.


I found out about this site recently
You can search for all kinds of royalty free images


I also get books at thrift stores, older kids books, nature books, catalogs, anything with lots of pictures.


I collect old letters and scan them. I can bear cutting up the original.

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I recently came across this awesome site with some vintage botanicals

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The National Library of Australia has a website called Trove where they have digitised newspapers and other historical items.


Thanks everyone for sharing great resources

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Another resource is the Gutenberg Project (Https://

They digitize out of copyright books, journals, magazines etc and have thousands available for free.
You have to go through each book, I think, to find images but there must be millions of images in their database.
They do have a license agreement but basically you are free to use the material as long as you don’t charge. There may be other things if you do want to use the images and charge for them (eg create collage sheets to sell) but I didn’t read that far :smiley:

Thanks for all the great resources everyone! I’m definitely going to try doing my own master boards for the backgrounds and will check out these sites!

Have to save this thread! Full of goodness!