Printable Shrinky Dink Dragon

My daughter has spent all day drawing dragons. She’s gotten better and she’s really working hard at each of the different types.

She drew this “Silkwing” Dragon that she was super proud of and while she was upstairs reading (about dragons) I had a random idea!

Many months ago we had bought printable Shrinky Dink paper and never used it. Today was the day!

I took a picture of her dragon. Reduced it to fit on a 4x6. The directions say to reduce the opacity by 15-30%. I did 30% but I think I should have leaned toward 15%. (It wants you to print lighter because it will condense and shrink your artwork and if you print it at full brightness it’ll look like a mess.) I cut around it after printing too.

Well, it turned out pretty cute!

She was thrilled when I showed her and she already has plans for more. She wants to make a whole magnet set.

Here’s the size *before * shrinking:

And here’s the original picture:

I know this is barely a project but more of an experiment. Just thought I’d share in case anyone wanted to see how the printable Shrinky Dinks turned out. I had never known it was a thing until I saw it in the craft store.


Oh my gosh, it’s awesome. I love the delicacy of that slim waist, the strength of the barrel chest (that’s where the fire comes from!) & that distinctive jaw. And the colours!

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How old is your daughter? That’s an awesome dragon!

I didn’t know they made printable shrink plastic. Doe it come in clear, or just white?


Thanks! She’s 8.

I didn’t know they made it either! I think it just comes in white which is kinda sad but it makes sense since I don’t think a clear plastic could absorb much ink.


The. Coolest!! Can’t wait to see more!

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That’s an awesome mother-daughter collaboration! And her dragon is pretty darn great.


This is so adorable! I love her little drawing and understand how excited she must be to make a set. :slight_smile: This kind of makes me want to dig out my shrinky dinks. I don’t have the printable ones, but could still play.


Really cool! I also didn’t know there was printable shrinky dinks. Your daughter is very talented! Look at all the detail!

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Your daughter is super talented! I think a fridge covered in these would be amazing!!!


Yeah, stick some magnets on the backs of those gorgeous creatures! She did an amazing job and this is a phenomenal idea. I seriously want to bust out my printable shrink plastic now- I’d forgotten I had some!!

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Amazing collab!

I don’t have the printable kind, but I did watch a bunch of tutorials when I was brainstorming for a swap last year, and you can make some pretty awesome stuff with it :slight_smile:

WOW! She really knows her way around drawing a dragon! What a great way to use her drawings, too.

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