Printing a pattern from a pdf

As most of you know, I am horrible at the computer. I bought some patterns from Etsy that you print out and I the pattern is apparently 33" x 44" on 3 pages.
When I go to print, it randomly chooses an 8" x 11" (I assume) piece of each page to print.
I don’t know how to move the printing rectangle around, but also, is there a way to print it all at once, without having to move the printing rectangle to each spot that I want to print?
This is what I see because I also am horrible at describing things:

I am by no means an expert, but I’ve never noticed a printing rectangle like that before, nor think it’s moveable. What I notice below the box is that it says it’s ready to print pages 1-3, so it seems like that if you just print, it’ll print the way it should and you would then tape it together. Have you tried to print yet?

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I’m glad you haven’t seen anything like this, either- or makes me feel a little better!
I haven’t tried printing yet because I was worried that it would print a million pages & I just wanted some idea of how big this would be…
The pattern instructions also said that if you opened it in Adobe pdf viewer, you could delete all of the other colour layers (sizes) that you don’t need so it wouldn’t be so confusing, but I can’t figure that out, either…
I’m just hopeless! :sob:

If you look in Adobe, it should have page numbers as you scroll. Write down on a paper which pages numbers you need then where it says “pages to print” click “pages” then add value such as 1-2, 4 which would mean pages 1, 2, and 4 only. But, like I said earlier, it looks to only be 3 pages. If you try and I am wrong, then you can always cancel the print.

Good luck!

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I’ve not seen a window like that before either.

Did the pdf come with any instructions?
I wouldn’t worry about the layers, just print then cut to size. Leaving all the lines actually makes it easier if you need to grade from one size to another.
Look on the pages with the pattern pieces- there should be a little square graphic somewhere that shows the scale; sometimes it’s a 1" square, sometimes its bigger. Print that 1 page and measure that sucker to make sure its printing at the correct size. If it’s way off try the custom size % to tweak- just print the one page until you’re happy.
Also check the orientation of the pattern pages (I printed a pattern recently, not realising that some pages were portrait but the pattern pages were landscape. I had to reprint the pattern pages (all 53 of them!)).

I’ve only just started using pdf patterns, so I hope this helps.

Just had another look at your image. It says the document is 33"x44" but theres no alignment marks.
Are there other versions of the pattern to download? Sometimes the designer bundles A4, US letter and A0 (for commercial printing) versions of the pattern. I’m wondering if that’s an A0 version?

See the way this pattern is across different pages? The circles at the corners are to help alignment when sticking the sheet together.
This is what all the pdf patterns I’ve got, to print at home, are like


Apparently, there is a Facebook group dedicated to these patterns… I just needed to put the page size as “poster” :woman_facepalming:t4:

Thank you, everyone, for your responses!


Glad you got it figured out!

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Glad you figured it out! You can also get a large format printed at a copy center. To me, it’s worth the money to save me the time and frustration of having to piece it all together. But, it does make the pattern way more expensive, so I only do it for things I’m making more than once.

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Oooh! That’s a good idea!

Thank you for posting the fix–I am glad to know how to print in advance if I get one like this!

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You should check it out- the stuff looks so comfy and they’re only $3 each!
(I hope it’s okay to post a link to the paterns)