Printing on existing cards for save-the-date/wedding invites

I want to create save-the-date cards using existing cards.

I’ve thought about printing inside them, but the last time I did that I lost at least 30% of the cards. I have a very limited quantity of these ones (and they’re discontinued), so I’d rather not lose any! They seemed to be made out of a very stiff card stock, not sure what kind.

Any ideas for writing/printing inside these cards?

May be making/ordering a custom ink stamp and hand stamping each one?

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Either stamping or printing out on some other paper, cut to size and glue to the card.


Seconding this! If you cut the inner paper slightly smaller, and use a coordinating color for that paper, you can use a fancy border paper punch to better frame the inner paper on the card.
Another possibility, instead of gluing down an inner paper, is having this inner paper folded the same as the outer card, and sewing the two together at the fold with a nice little black ribbon or cord, tied in a bow on the outside of the card. It looks extra nice if the side that you don’t print on has a coordinating design or color, but instead of that option you could print photos of you and your fiance on that unused side.