Project ideas for denim scraps/lengths

Recently I acquired a bunch of denim from a neighbor in my Buy Nothing group. I need ideas! Most are partial leg lengths, some rectangles. Various shades & content among the pieces. No pockets, alas!

Typically I would cut them up into squares for a flannel/denim patch blanket (Ya know, where you let the edges of each patch‘s 4 seams unravel and get fringey/ruffly), but I am tired of those after making so very many.


I have a whole Pinterest board on using denim…

Denim Ideas

I am using some of the smaller scraps to make bookmarkers…I love making pouches using the denim on the bottom…I have used the legs to make an apron…

I have everything from pockets to waistbands…I also had a quilt going but I got tired of it as well…


If you gather firewood, wildflowers, or the like, adding a couple dowels through loops sewn into denim makes a sturdy tote:


Oooo thank you for the pinterest board!

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I made a curtain for our laundry closet from our old jeans. The legs made 6 x 18 rectangles that I stitched together like I would assemble a quilt.

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I made a log cabin once and I’ve got a denim faux cathedral windows UFO lying around somewhere. Something like this:

I love denim blankets because I must have something with weight to sleep…was the denim you used for yours already faded like that? I am thinking of washing some of the pieces of darker denim in bleach water since I don’t like the dark as much as the faded…Love your backing as well.

I used actual worn out jeans and every block is one pair of jeans, that’s why they are all different. But used jeans isn’t ideal because it doesn’t lay flat (as you can see in the picture). Men’s jeans are better because the fabric is usually more stiff, but I only found that out when I was almost done with this quilt.

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