Project picture dump from the last few months

I haven’t uploaded any ATC or small art pics in a while.

So here’s a bunch of random photos.

prompt - use a quote

prompt - add a letter

prompt - Gray

prompt - Gray


prompt - brown

prompt - stamp with corrugated cardboard

prompt - starts with R

prompt - security envelope and UPC code

prompt - hat

prompt - wings

prompt - holes

prompt - stars

prompt - sheet music

prompt - asemic writing

prompt - asemic writing

prompt - use only black, white, red


So many different techniques! You did a great job using the various prompts to create a lot of fun pieces!

I really like your use of the corrugated paper on the ‘liar, liar pants on fire’ card. The whole card has a very weathered vintage feel to it and the corrugated paper makes it look like the top layer has worn away. The ‘Is your drama going to have an intermission soon?’ card made me snicker :laughing: .


Wow, all your ATCs are just so cool! Love every single one.

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They’re all great, but it’s a toss up between “make a wish” and the drama intermission one for my favorite.

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Ooo…great lettering on the 3rd and 4th ones and I love the 1st asemic writing one!

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You’ve been busy! So many great techniques and themes!

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Wow! There are some awesome pieces here!!

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These are great, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but I do love the snarky quotes ones. So many techniques you’ve used

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Wowza! You did a lot! Love that cat one with the drama, and the dino one, and just about every single one of them. Love your style!

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Awesome collection! I love all the hearts, flowers, butterflies, snark, & Bob Ross, of course. But That Cat! OMG LOL, that face, what a hoot!

Wonderful, just wonderful.

I’d like to send the ‘is your drama going to have an intermission soon’ to our youngest DIL, so appropriate!

I love see your work! My favorite is the radish. I love how you did the letter R. So cool!

Nice! My favs are the radish and the last one with the limited color palette! :slight_smile: