Prom/Birthday Dance Bow Ties

We are going to prom! And we must deck ourselves appropriately. Our closets yeilded most of what we needed except a bow tie.
My DW is wearing a gold and black steampunk vest I made years ago and wanted a tie to go with it. I found the fabric and made two versions…she’ll get to pick one before I finish it. And cheap polyester curtain fabric is a bear to work with! Neither is perfect, but they will do.

Straight version…I think I will have to retie this one.

Traditional version. I like this one better.


These are sooooo cooooool! And she will look extra sharp with a matching vest/tie combination! I think that the traditional stylw shows off the fabric nicely.

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And yes, she chose the second one. Yay.


So cool! Have a blast!

I think the second one could also be called butterfly style.

I agree- both are awesome but the second one is also my fave.

Very dapper!

Shortly after my husband and I got married, I worked for a summer at Williamstown Theatre Festival. It was a brutal summer. Jim was living in our apartment in NH, and I was living on campus in MA, which seem like they should be close together, but were hours apart, so he could only visit every 3-4 weeks. Add in the terrible working conditions, and it wasn’t a very fun way to be newlywed. But then… one of my coworkers told us about ‘Grown Up Prom’, which was a thing in town there towards the end of the summer. Jim came down for a weekend (bringing gallons of alcohol for everyone I worked with, because it was so much cheaper in NH than in MA), brought me the dress I wore to our Rehearsal Dinner, and I found him an awesome brand new black suit in our costume stock that was exactly his size. It was fun to dress up for prom as adults, and have legal alcohol! I think that’s the one nice memory I have of that summer.

All that to say, I hope you guys have a wonderful time!!!

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Option 2 is not only fuller & nicer, but the print bits came out better on it.

Enjoy the prom! :laughing: