Prompts for action!

Since so many of us are stuck in the house with our families, I wanted to start something that includes family participation. So- I’ll post up a prompt every day for the rest of this week. Use it to (hopefully) be a springboard of inspiration for you to have a great bonding moment within your family, and share a pic! (Blurred faces of kiddos are acceptable if desired.) These can be craft projects with the kids, cooking with your spouse/SO, family game time, creative play with your pets… every family is different, but a little togetherness might be a good thing right now! Join in even if you’re on your own! (Hey, you’re a part of the LC family, aren’t you? :wink:)


  1. Sunshine or something yellow
  2. Veggies or something green
  3. Flowers or something blue
  4. Fruit or something orange
  5. Favorite fandom or something red
  1. Sunshine/yellow: Hiking with my family in the sunshine!

(Hubby hates his face on social media etc… here he is with our Sophie.)


Sophie is cute.

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  1. Veggies/green: hubby and I made brownies. We enjoyed them with green mint chip ice cream! :yum:



We’re finally finished being in self-isolation after receiving an international traveler home 2 weeks ago so we’ll be going grocery shopping & greens are certainly on my list! Gah, I miss salad!

  1. Flowers/ blue

The kiddo and I did some messy arting for masterboards. There is some blue in there, and the odd flower as well.

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I just came across this! Even though it’s past, I might try to do the prompts you have posted!

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Yay! I didn’t even do them all myself…! :grin:

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