Pumpkin Bag

Okily dokily, got it finished, and I just don’t know…I just can’t get the cap stiff enough, ppppp!

However, it is really really cute, :heart_eyes:


It looks great, Cat! I love the way the lid slides up the cords to open the bag. The stem stiffness looks perfect to me. Stays upright but wouldn’t jab you in the ribs.


It is really cute!

I had a woven basket purse like this when I was in high school…it was not comfortable to carry like that, so I like the softness of yours! The cable pattern makes it extra nice!


This is adorable and smile-inducing!


While I was getting ready to sew it on, I realized the tail end could be used to pull the end flat, and it worked quite well. Also, the stem is an easy way to pull the lid up. Closing it is a little more difficult, but meh, for a first attempt it’s really good. (and a first major pattern I’ve…sort of…:no_mouth:…written up in a long time. I didn’t write the patterns for the lid and stem. I just did it, :roll_eyes:).


This made me smile, so cute and creative. And pumkiny


Oh this came out so cute!! I was thinking your progress pics looked like a pumpkin but wasn’t sure if you were going for that look. :sweat_smile: The added details fit it perfectly.


Love this adorable wee punkin! Well done on seeing it through to finish. I like the way it slides open and closed.


So clever and unique! I love the way it opens!


Absolutely adorable and right for the season! Such a fun project. I love it!!


This is adorable, both my grand daughters would love it.

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It looks great!

What a cute bag! I like the addition of the leaf and the way it opens up is pretty neat.

SO CUTE! I like the sliding lid and the cables. Oh, how I love cables. The leaf is pretty cute. Oooo, maybe next time it could be a leaf change purse, with a little vine fabric pocket sewn on the interior!
I could totally see a mini backpack like this, too.
THOSE CABLES, EEEEE! :orange_heart:


Mental note to self: I found a few new stitches I haven’t seen before to give a try for this bag.

CDD        Central Double Decrease
CDI        Central Double Increase
CSD        Central Single Increase
K1tog LL   Knit 1 together Left Loop
K1tog RL.  Knit 1 together Right Loop

Great job! The leaf detail really brings it together and makes the entire thing say pumpkin.

:horse: :cowboy_hat_face: :cow2: YeeeeEEEHAWW! Your super great craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :horse: :cowboy_hat_face: :cow2:

Such a cute bag! Great job.

omg!! how cute is this ! love it

Holy moley this is awesome! I love the strings. What a great touch. Just like the tendrils on a real pumpkin.