Pumpkin Patch Shawl

I received some yarn as a gift & wanted to save it for a special project. I finally decided to just use it & made a shawl for myself.

Pattern: Cakes Two to Tango, Ravelry link (without any color changes)
Hook: H (5.0 mm)
Yarn: 11 skeins (1,815 yards) Chirapa from Mirasol Yarn, 705 Vert colorway (sport weight, 100% hand dyed merino wool)

I used up the 5 skeins I had & it turned out okay, but it was a little smaller than Iโ€™d like:

So I looked around & found someone selling 6 skeins that were even the same dye lot!

I untangled the yarn & wound it into balls:

After adding the rest of the yarn (the stitch marker marks where I started the new skeins):

It ended up just the right size! But hard to photograph - most of my pictures of the finished shawl ended up like this:

(just kind of blurry in spots? my phone camera did not like it)

This shows the stitches a bit better:

(before adding more yarn)


Must have been so exciting to find the matching yarn! Cute and colorful shawl!

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I really like that yarn and it made a really cool shawl! Looks particularly cozy, too!

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Such pretty fabric from that yarn, the stitch is so nice!

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Thatโ€™s a lovely colorway-- glad you ended up with enough of it to make something you can use & enjoy!

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The stitches really show off the color way beautifully! Speckles without any weird pooling. Itโ€™s gorgeous and looks so warm and comfortable.

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Thank you all! :smiley:

@endymion - Yes, I was so excited, especially since the yarn was discontinued!


It looks fantastic and I canโ€™t even see where the new yarn was added.

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It is lovely and a good sizeโ€ฆhow great that you were able to find the yarn to make it the size you wanted!!!

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Man untangling all that yarn is a project in itself! The finished product is wonderful! Love those colors.

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