Pumpkin Time (almost)

I joined the Prairie Schooler Cross Stitch Swap and was partnered with @Kwality570 . Because we weren’t shipping internationally, we both agreed to send “finished” pieces. I made a little framed piece using cording as the frame. The back is finished with felt and a little hanger. I believe it ended up being about 4 inches square.

I really haven’t done a lot of cross stitch because I was having trouble seeing. I have so many cross stitch books and patterns and keep buying more! I was given an OTT light by my sister and I also have those goofy magnifier glasses, so I decided to try again in this swap.

We were doing a medium item, which many of the Prairie Schooler patterns are!

We both selected Halloween themed patterns. Here is what I sent:

Better pictures by @kwality570 here.

Thanks for looking…just don’t look TOO close…I am pretty sure I got the little “x’s” finally going in the same direction, but maybe not! :rofl:


It looks great! I’m always impressed by cording, it looks so sophisticated.

Also, stitching on black isn’t exactly the easiest, so I suppose the magnifier glasses really work.


It was difficult to stitch the cording on as it feels like it was very tightly wound. It was just by luck that it was the same color as those I used in the stitching. There is cardboard and batting underneath to make it sturdy, which also made the hand sewing of the cording a bit tough. But, I do like the finished look and it is easier to ship than a framed piece.


I’m going to have to remember the cording. Actually, I have a christmas piece that needs to be finished this way and I remember that I purchased gold cording to go around it.

I love Prairie Schooler patterns. They have the vintage feel to them. Yours turned out great!


This blogger finishes a lot of her stitching with cording and I think they all look so professional: https://stitchingdream.blogspot.com/

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They do look very nice. I see one that has a bit of fabric sewing with it as well.

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Isn’t black really difficult to cross stitch on? If so, I’d never guess it based on what a nice job you did on this pumpkin! I hope that the light and glasses give you back the ability to cross stitch whatever you want (especially with your growing stash of patterns)!

I like how you finished this with the cording. I haven’t seen any finishes like that. Was it something you bought or made?

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I was on the phone with @Kwality570 when she opened it, and she audibly gasped. I can attest that she loves this! It looks so cool. I can’t imagine doing something that tiny! All those itty-bitty stitches look amazing!


Thank you…I am pleased because I really wanted to make something special for this generous and talented woman!

I gasped when I opened my package from her as well! I have never seen anything like it and just love unique things! This was a very happy match!

@AudiobookLover Everything I used was from stash…the cording was probably something I got in a swap as there wasn’t a lot of it, but the piece was small. My go-to finish is a crochet edge but I wanted to try some other edges as well…


This is really a stunner! Love the pattern and it is beautifully stitched.

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Very cute! It has a delightful vintage appeal. The cording is really the perfect touch.

What a wonderful little piece! Those stitches are TINY!

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