Pupkin! A Pumpkin "Coat" for My Pup!

I made this a couple years ago and thought it would be fun to post in our “new” home!

I frequently call Delia “Pumpkin Butter” so when I got the idea to make her a pumpkin coat, I went for it.



I did buy the orange flannel, but the green, tan, and brown polar fleeces were from stash! Pretty sure the hook and loop was from stash, too, or I would’ve bought a color that blended better. :upside_down_face:

Years ago I made a pattern from a store bought coat that fit her well; I used it for this + added the little pumpkin-y details. She’s not especially keen on outifts, but if it doesn’t cover her head we can trick her into thinking it’s a coat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plus when it’s much below 30F she appreciates being able to stay out longer for her daily exercise sessions!



Pretty Delia! I love all the little outfits you make for her! I remember seeing this one on Deadster, too!

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Oh my goodness!! Cutest pumpkin (ahem…I mean pupkin) ever!


Oh Delia! So cute! :heart_eyes: Great job on the costume - I mean coat. :wink:

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Oh, to be a doggo in a beautiful pumpkin coat!


Sweet little pup in a sweet little coat! (Our Astrid is cinnamon colored, and I call her our little Pumpkin Spice Puggle, even though I don’t like PSL’s, and she’s probably not actually wholly puggle.)

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Thanks so much, y’all!

This is such a cute and festive way to keep her warm!

She’s so cute and the costume fits her so well! It looks amazing!!!

that fits her great and the orange almost looks like corduroy

Oh how cute! I love seeing dogs in coats. It makes me giggle.

Thanks so much!

Ooooh! Now I want to make her a corduroy coat!

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Congrats! Your Pumpkin Coat is one of this week’s featured projects! You are awesome!

Oh, wow! THANKS!

Well done!