Puppy (and Shark) Mask with Pattern!

Up side: if I do say so myself, this mask is A-DOG-ABLE!
Down side: people have actually reached out and tugged the tongue (seriosuly?!)

Mostly I just get a lot of “I love your mask” and “you should sell those” and “make me one!” comments.

I started with the Plague Doctor beak pattern I’d massacred - I mean, adapted - and worked from there. Here’s the pattern I used with scale square if you want to print one out and make one so people will pull your tongue…

This also makes the Shark Mask, though the shark mask was a LOT of hand sewing the way I did it!

To get the mouth to stretch I cut the black fabric out of stretch fabric (an old pair of leggings) and hand sewed it on, then cut the teeth out of felt and hand sewed those on. It took for-bloody ever. And then my husband made the observation that the mouth should start under the grey/white line… sigh. I made two more for other and those were “right”.

Shark Masks

I also made a TON of puppy masks for myself and others…

More Puppy Masks

So the way I do the sewing is that I cut the interfacing on the dotted lines, iron it to fleece, then cut on the solid lines. I sew like pieces to like, then when I sew the two halves together I sandwich the tongue in there. Then I hand-sew the nose (cut out of felt) and the mouth lines on.

Put your hair up into ears and you’re set to go!


Those are aboslutely adorable!

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So cute!

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Oh, wow! I think I’m definitely going to make a set of these. How breathable are they? And, did you line them?

I just bought a pair of fuzzy “monster/animal” gloves with claws/nails to use for when I have to do online videos for school and have my hands in the shot. I thought it would be more fun, and these masks are right in line with that!


You are an adorable genius!!! Love them all!!

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I do not line them, because they have a layer of fleece and interfacing, but they are pretty breathable - the fact that it has structure and holds itself away from your face is super helpful. I’ve done yoga in them without issue, other than a slightly sweaty face!


You make the most fun masks ever.


Thanks for that info! I hadn’t considered making masks from fleece because it sounded too warm, but since it’s mostly off of your face, it might not be too bad. I even have white and grey fleece on hand, so the shark might be first!


If you have to wear a mask, this sure is a fun way to do it!!! Super cute!

PS. You have pretty eyes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha! Fantastic!!

These are amazing!! Great job! Thank you for the pattern!

If you guys plan to use fleece for masks I would recommend doing some research online about the effectiveness of this fabric for face masks. There may be better options available.

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The puppy is cracking me up. Those are great for kids of all ages.


I think that if it was just fleece, it wouldn’t be as effective. But, adding the layer of interfacing makes it much more effective!

Definitely the most original mask I’ve seen but, yeah, yuck, someone touching the tongue-grody

Congrats! Your Puppy and Shark Mask is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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Congrats on being featured!
Your doggie masks are pawsitively! Nicely done :+1:

They are adorable and I especially love the sharks.

Sending to a friend because maaaaaybe she’ll make it for my son!

The puppy mask is sooo funny!

That’s not social distancing, people!!!

The sharks are funny, too! No sense in having boring masks. :slight_smile:

So funny, I love the tongues!!!