Puppy Shower Gift Box

I love this and I love that your friend is getting a dog again! I also love that you are sharing in the joy. It should be celebrated. It’s bringing in a new family member!

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Such a fun project. Now I want to go to a puppy shower! It would be so much fun. Hmm maybe on my next doggie playdate I can get all the humans on board with a puppy shower idea.

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Thanks, pals! I would love it if this litte project could be the start of the spread of puppy showers all over! Like being the Johnny Appleseed of loving pets!

OMG that is just adorable, I love it!!! Showers aren’t a thing over here in the UK so I’ve never been to either a baby or bridal shower (hen nights are but that’s an entirely different thing I would think :wink: ), but I’d absolutely be up for a puppy shower! If we ever get another pup I’m absolutely throwing a shower :grin:

Thank you! Traditionally, one wouldn’t throw their own shower, but to heck with tradition! Any reason to have a pupper or doggoh party is a good reason.

Aaaaah gotcha, then I shall coerce one of my besties to throw me one :wink: Of course getting a new pup is the best gift or party in itself!!

That is the way to go! And you’re right - any time with a new pup is like a party!

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This is jaw-droppingly cute!