Purple Pandas Rule!

I made this little cutie for the Comfort Creature Swap. Its a Fluffmonger pattern, super easy…unless you modify a polar bear into a panda. But still easy and soooo cute.

I found the fabric in a bag of fake fur in the basement…must have been a donation from someone. Washed it up as it looked dingy. I did have to purchase some purple fleece…I think I had used up all of mine.
She has a new home now, but I think I want one of my own. With the tail she stands on her own…nice bonus.


Nice transformation and I like the choice of color, purple is fun!

Super cute! Your modifications worked perfectly!

So cute!!

Oh gorgeous! I love it!! :purple_heart:

I have all of those patterns! Great job…nice to see how you transformed the polar bear…very cute, plus PURPLE!!!

Hi little butt! Dying!

He looks so huggable! Love him.

Aaahhh purple panda! It looks extra huggable.