Pusheen Charm

I wasn’t sure where to pop this little guy… so I hope here is ok!

When I was browsing the craft section at Daiso I came across some shrink plastic. Side note, in Australia, everything at Daiso is $2.80. I know Japan it is ¥105, I was wondering what the items cost where you live?

I decided to make a pusheen charm and it turned out ok! I watched a couple of YouTube tutes to make sure I didn’t do anything drastically wrong.

First I cleaned the plastic (and my fingers) with isopropyl alcohol, then I traced the image from my phone screen with a grey lead pencil - that was difficult before I got out the washi tape :sweat_smile: I would recommend printing something out.
Next I traced over those lines with a black sharpie. I then coloured the image using my prismacolor pencils - pencils were ok as this was the ‘rough’ shrink plastic, if it’s the smooth kind, pencils won’t work. After I was happy with how much colour I had laid down, I cut around the shape and used a hole punch to make a spot for later on.
Into the oven he went for only a little while, then straight out and flattened with a smooth heavy object.
I painted the back with white acrylic to make the colours pop more, this took quite a few coats and I can probably put that down to my paint. Last I painted a sealant over the front and left it to dry for 24 hours.
He’s cute, not sure where his home will be yet, but it was a fun way to spend an evening crafting to The X-Files :wink:


Eep! I love Pusheen, and this is just the cutest! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Pusheen AND pizza??? Win-win!

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Cute!! I’m a fan of shrink plastic.

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Cute charm!

I’ve never seen a Daiso; it sounds like a dollar store, where everything is $1. I think in England, they have the “pound shop”, where everything is £1. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I used to live in an area where everything cost more; our local shop had all the same stuff you find at the dollar store, but charged $1.50.

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That is adorable!

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So cute! Shrink plastic can be a lot of fun!

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That would be an adorable zipper pull!