Quarantine style wafu pasta with prawns

I was scrolling facebook and had a tasty looking recipe pop up, so naturally I read it out aloud to my husband. He pointed out we have everything but the asparagus, so that was dinner decided :laughing: Look at this and tell me it doesn’t look delicious:

I really like Just One Cookbook. The recipes we’ve tried have been really good, and easy to follow.

Nailed it?

I mostly followed the recipe, but I made some changes due to the sad lack of fresh asparagus in the house. I also didn’t make it gluten free since we don’t have any health reasons to do that.

My ingredients:
Frozen Vannmei shrimp :fried_shrimp: (thawed before cooking)
Spaghetti instead of linguini
A dried piri-piri, seeds removed and chopped. I think I might have used half of it in the end because I know they’re hot! :hot_face:
One small roscow onion (instead of a red one)
2 huge cloves of garlic :garlic:
Chopped stalks from black kale (I chop them up and put in a bag in the freezer when cooking black kale)
A sad looking sweet pepper I found in the fridge
A large spring onion
Kikoman soy sauce
I have dashi powder that’s prepared 1 sachet to 2,5 cups water so I prepared a batch while I prepped the rest.
Fresh ground black pepper
Olive oil

As I said I mostly followed the recipe, but I made sure to prep everything before starting the pasta water. Our induction stovetop is quite quick when it comes to boiling water and with 9 minutes of boiling time I wanted to be sure I could finish the rest without the pasta getting cold or overcooked.

I had to cook the prawns in two batches to not overcrowd the pan. I used a few more than the recipe called for and didn’t cook them until golden, just until pink and a hint of browning.

After sauteeing the onion and garlic I added first sweet pepper and then the chopped up kale stalks. Spring onion was tossed in right before the cooked shrimp went back in. I have to admit I didn’t measure the dashi or soy sauce. I just splashed in what seemed like enough and adjusted as needed.

If (when) I cook this again I’ll try not to over season the prawns. I added more salt and pepper when I flipped them over and I could have skipped the salt.

All in all a very nice dinner, and the recipe was well written. I’ll try it with asparagus one day… There’s still half a bag of prawns in the freezer!


mmmm looks really good…I make a similar Japanese dish using green beans and ground pork…similar flavorings…I like that you can adapt it to what you have…

I will have to try out some of the other recipes on her blog…everything looks delicious!

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Looks delicious!

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Looks delicious! I’ve also used Just One Cookbook’s recipes before, and they have always come out very nice. :slight_smile:

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YUM! It looks and sounds so good.

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