Queen of the Night Hanagushi

Iโ€™ve been wanting to make a new hanagushi - or floral comb - for a while.

This piece is inspired by summer time and the sunset. In the background are iridescent pampas grass pieces that are shaped to look like they are fluttering in the wind. The large, white flower is a Queen of the Night - a night blooming flower. I wanted to do purple clematis to complement it, keeping with the summer motif. I chose pink as the background color, thinking the pink and purple together would give a sunset feel, but I think it turned out looking a little more tropical than sunset.

The winged creature is a hotaru, or firefly. I actually want to do a larger firefly piece that actually lights up, but Iโ€™m still chewing on the concept before I make any final decisions.

I wrote a little more about this piece on my blog. You can read the blog entry for it here if youโ€™re interested. :slight_smile:


This is soooo pretty :heart_eyes:

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This is gorgeous! All the details. Your work is impeccable.


Absolutely stunning. :star_struck:

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Absolutely stunning, wow.

Welcome back!
Your work is enchanting :slight_smile:

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Beautiful, as always!

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Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

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