Question about thread cutter

So my new to me machine has an automatic thread cutter. And in chatting with some other quilty types and sewers a few were very very vehement about NEVER using the function. But didn’t have a reason why.

And it’s been bugging me.

So do you have one? Use it? Why or why not?

Cause i think I’m coming down on the pro thread cutter side, but if there’s a valid reason to stop, it’s not yet an ingrained habit and i will.


I have your same machine, I love that function. I don’t love the manual thread cutter on the side though. & the kneelift, pft. That sent my brand new machine to the shop for repair :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I use it because I am mainly sewing small bits - paper and fabric - so I stop and start a lot. But I am by no means an expert seamstress, I’m just adding my 2 cents. It is a habit for me now.

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I really like the automatic thread cutter on my Jukis because it’s activated by the pedal. On my other machines I always just use the built in manual cutter on the side. The main downside to the automatic thread cutter is when you start sewing again you get a little “nest” of thread where you started because you’re not holding the tails out of the way. You can always bring the bobbin thread up and pull tails before sewing but that defeats the purpose. Of course if you were using a leader anyway, you’d have the best of both worlds - automatic thread cutter and no “nests” on the backside of your sewing. The little “nests” don’t really bother me so I always use the thread cutter on my Jukis.

On my Brother straight stitch machine the thread cutter always cuts it too short and the upper thread pops out of the needle so I never use it. It would probably be an easy adjustment if I took it in for servicing.

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That nesty thread biz has not happened for me, it’s been so perfect.

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I just pulled out some of my towels to look at what I was referring to as a “nest” and it’s less severe than I remembered it being.

So barely noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

Don’t mind all of the cat fur.


“Don’t mind all of the cat fur”

laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs

I don’t even see fur anymore, mostly cause all i see is cats

I find i sometimes get that double stitchy nesty thing if im not diligent about starting with the needle all the way up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hint… I’m not diligent


I have mixed feeling about my automatic thread cutter. I get the same nest @photojenn talks about, which can be a pain when they are visible, if I’m quilting and can start away from the edge of the quilt it’s not a problem.

On my machine, after I’ve used the cutter, I can’t insert the next piece of fabric very far under the needle because the top thread is caught underneath. If I disturb that thread at all, my top thread comes out of the needle.

I’m learning when to use it and when not to.

Cannot sew without using the one on my machine. Love it!!!

I loved mine, but I don’t think they were made to last that long. Mine broke after about four years and I just never got it fixed. Apparently, the alignment goes off a lot but it is not a major fix.

@cindy…I also did not like the small “nest” it made by automatically doing a few reverse stitches…

I bought these cheap stick on circular cutters on Amazon and use them all the time…a bit of waste on thread but the longer tails prevent unthreading and nests.