Question for makers of crochet slippers

Has anyone recently worn a pair of crochet slippers and can tell me: Do they feel bumpy/distractingly textured under your feet? Is it better to plan to line them with something? I’m starting to plan out (obsess over) Christmas gift crafts while my current knitting project enters the “will this ever be done, what else can I make” phase that comes shortly before completion.
Any thoughts on the subject welcome! Thanks!


No idea! But have been considering making some myself.

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I remember my gran’s crocheted slippers were bumpy & uncomfortable without socks. She used that squeaky plastic yarn though, do you know that stuff?
I’ve got a pair of thick handknit boot socks that I find uncomfy too, I put a pair of ordinary insoles inside which works great & gives the sole some shape as well as squish.


You could make insoles from felt or craft foam

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I’ve made several pairs, and there’s a couple things you can do to cut down the bumpy texture.

  1. Use sc stitches. I like to use a smaller hook than the yarn calls for, too.
  2. Use wool, make them slightly large, and full them.
  3. Don’t use a yarn that’s bulky.

Don’t use acrylic yarn. It hurts my feet to walk on and also dries my skin to the point of cracking and bleeding. If you use a sole such as leather or a flip flop, you can use cotton for the rest of the slipper. Cotton doesn’t feel great walking on it either though. If you’re not going to use a sole, I’d use wool.

If you want something to make the bottom non-slip, you can use a few dots of hot glue or use puffy paint.


I am neither a crocheter nor a slipper maker, but I have been contemplating this question as well (for knitting). My dad used to have (he actually may still…) a pair of slipper socks like this that he looooved:

Mukluck slipper socks

It has a leather sole so you’re not walking directly on the yarn. Maybe helpful? I’ve seen crochet versions that use a flip flop base as well. Possibility?

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Mine are similar, the yarn part is against the foot hence my sticking insoles in there.

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I have seen soles with holes around the edge so you can crochet the “boot” part up from that, but the sole itself is yarn-free. I have no concept of how comfy this is.

I also suspect my dad always wore socks with his slippers!

I have seen the soles you work up from and the flip flop idea and they intrigued me. More/different work/different patterns but definitely an option.

You bring up a good point about knitted ones: I shouldn’t have assumed, I was thinking that knitting would smooth done with stockinette and worn right side to the interior, but now not sure.

Would it be weird to gift them with socks? “Merry Christmas, here’s your uncomfortable slippers I slaved over. Wear the socks or they’ll wreck you… I expect “cozy time in hand-made slippers pics!”

I’m kind of getting a “not worth the work” vibe here… hmm…


I made these: Ravelry: Simply Slippers pattern by Pia Thadani

I wear them over my socks, so that they don’t feel uncomfortable, they are a plush yarn so I think they’d be ok without socks, just a bit too big and cold in the winter

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I’ve only made 2 pairs of crochet slippers; one for myself and one for Jim. I find the one I made myself very uncomfortable to walk on. They are a double crochet shell pattern. I wear them over my socks, to bed, when it’s particularly cold at night. Jim never really wore his because they came out a size too big.

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I think crochet slippers look cute but wear awful. Not a fan

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Thanks and welcome to LettuceCraft! I’m getting that vibe a lot so I think i’ll be rethinking my slipper pattern obsession. :slightly_smiling_face: