Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments

Here are a few wooden ornaments I made this season.

Having them precut like this made this project so easy!
Here’s the little mitten. Some festive paper, a little paper rose, and “ribbing” at the cuff drawn on with a grey marker.

And two round ornaments with adorable vintage snowmen.

I used these on packages as “to/from” tags. Now that Christmas is passed, they can be used on the recipients’ trees next year.


These are adorable! So stinking cute!

These are lovely racky!

Great idea to also use them as gift tags. A sweet dual-duty project!

Adorable snow people tag ornaments…I really like the mitten ornament as well.

These are just so darling!

Aw… the beaded trim is just the sweetest finishing touch.

Aw, these pull at my nostalgic heartstrings! Love!

I love the vintage vibe of these- so cute, and impeccably done, as always!

Adorable! Love the snowman paper so much.

Delightful!!! Your pieces always make me so happy!

Absolutely precious. Reusing gift tags as ornaments is a great idea and a sweet memento.

I love them!!

These are so adorable,I love the snowmen :smiley: