Quick and Easy Cinnamon Rolls

This is a simple 5 ingredient cinnamon roll that I learned from my mom as a kid. Since we didn’t have much money, nor did she cook much, these are a treat for me! I marked them as a snack, but you can eat them anytime!

Granulated or brown sugar

  1. Follow directions on Bisquick mix for biscuits. I doubled that part.

  2. Knead the dough a little. If it’s too sticky, add more Bisquick. If it’s too flaky, add more milk a little at a time.

  3. Sprinkle Bisquick on counter and roll out the dough.

  4. Melt butter (whichever kind you use) and lighty cover the rolled out dough.

  5. Sprinkle sugar over dough covering it completely, but not too thick (we don’t want these burning!)

  6. Sprinkle cinnamon to taste!

  7. Follow temperature and time from Bisquick biscuit recipe. Check once that is done, you might need to add a few more minutes.

I didn’t make a glaze, but you can make and add one if desired.



Awesome! I have some bisquick at home. I am going to try these.

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I love this! With yeast being difficult to find, this is a great hack.


Thanks for sharing this!

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mmm looks yummy! No Bisquick in our area… :cry:

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It is beginning to sound like I’m going to have to send you a care package. :slight_smile:

Hubby will go out foraging again this Wednesday…I got another wire shelving unit for my kitchen to hold more pantry staples. I have flour and yeast now…so it is hit and miss, but eventually, we find stuff. They are suppose to modify stay at home on May 8…I am guessing it will be extended…thanks, but my waistline needs to eat more carrots…ha ha ha


I used up the last of my bisquick yesterday and made these! I went light on the sugar. Very tasty. My niece really liked them.


I remember making these in Home Ec as a kid! Yum! :yum:

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That’s so cool!

@Lynx, You think I could use any pancake mix alternative for bisquick?

I don’t know, but sounds like a good experiment!

I couldn’t buy Bisquick this week, but there was an off brand that I bought. I’m wondering how this off brand will work

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Alright, I’ll have to try, :crossed_fingers:t3:hope it works out fine, thank you :heart_eyes:

If you add a touch more sugar to the mix, and then make the biscuits, they make great shortcake as well! I like mine with peaches and cinnamon or strawberries and whipped cream. :yum: (Actually I will top almost anything with whipped cream given half a chance.)

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